Safety Roller

Safety Roller wiII effectively function for drivers to properly control
vehicles with its noticeable and self-luminescence.

Let’s introduce to you, the Safety Roller Barrier

Safety roller barrier is a road restraint system that prevents drivers and passengers from fatal accidents by not only absorbing shock energy but also converting it into rotational energy which in return slows the vehicle down keeping it in its rightful path and preventing it from colliding with other vehicles.

How it works

Shock absorbing system converts shock energy to rotational energy

• Decreases speed impact
• Redirects vehicles back into its lane
• Prevents driver and passenger fatalities
• Flame retardant and easy to install
• Visually stands out to alert drivers

The ITRAFFIC Safety Roller Crash Barrier is a barrier system ingeniously engineered to prevent fatal injuries by firstly absorbing shock energy and subsequently converting that shock energy into rotational energy.

Safety Roller Barrier Crash Test conducted with a 14 ton truck

Test Velocity: 65km/h
Test Angle: 15º

Containment Level
EN1317: H1 & H2 • NCHRP: TL3 & TL4




Complementing our Safety Roller Crash Barrier and existing barriers are our highly-engineered transitions for end treatments. Accredited to MASH TL3 and TL4, terminal ends are required when our Safety Roller Crash Barriers are installed on a road network.

MASH Transition Zones testing:

• TL 3-21: 2,270kg vehicle at l00km/h at 25-degree impact angle
• TL 4-22: 10,000kg truck at 90km/h at 15-degree impact angle

Our Safety Roller Crash Barrier can also integrate with any existing W-Beam terminal end, treatment, or link with the W-Beam or the beam guardrail systems and crash attenuators.

Accredited for use in America, Asia, Europe, Australia and South Africa. Widely accepted with international accreditations.

Our Safety Roller Barrier has achieved the following accreditations.


  • (Satas) Certification South African Technical Auditing Services (Pty) Ltd
  • (Sanral) South African National Road Agency SOSC Ltd
  • American standard mash TL3 TL4 • Federal Highway’s letter of eligibility obtained
  • Australia road approval
  • NSW (Australia) road and Maritime approved
  • European standard NCHP 350
  • Federal Highway of America
  • Korean SB 4/5
  • Mauritius office of road safety
  • NZ roads approval