We are experienced and respected worldwide

iTraffic is an experienced and respected company operating within the Infrastructure Sector and in particular within National and Provincial road reserves. Our substantial critical mass enables us to tender on projects of every size and complexity.

What We Do

Manufacturing & Supply

Manufacturers of top quality products which are environment-friendly and safe.


Civil Construction

We pride ourselves in delivering quality service in the civil construction brackets.



Planning & Development

Road Maintenance & Repair

Project Engineering

Civil Construction Works

Specialised Earthworks

Routine Road Maintenance

Operating throughout South Africa, iTraffic specialises in the construction and maintenance of roads and pavements. We offer a diverse range of specialised disciplines that include asphalt surfacing, pavement layering, road sealing and the installing of all drain types.

Our mission is to deliver service excellence through the process of crafting real and perpetual value for all Clients, Stakeholders and others impacted by our services and activities. We are guided by enterprising leadership that is dedicated to meeting and exceeding client expectation.

iTraffic is recognised for its high quality, reliability and service excellence to both the South African Government and the Infrastructure Sector.

We are dedicated to delivering a work environment that promotes safe and effective operations.

Earth Works

iTraffic is serious about meeting and exceeding client expectation, providing earthworks of the highest possible quality. Our extensive experience, comprehensive equipment and strategic placement among key markets enables us to focus on the full scope within the field of road construction.

Our services are underpinned by quality and efficiency, with special attention given to providing a safe and effective work environment for each and every individual involved or influenced by our operations.

Our professional conduct has assisted iTraffic in establishing a track record of industry excellence.

Civil Construction Within Road Reserve

iTraffic offers immense proficiency across all civil road construction and engineering disciplines. This enables us to deliver supreme workmanship, backed by a meticulous understanding of the client’s needs and requirements.

The combination of our versatile skill sets, resources and innovations permits the iTraffic team to take on projects of all sizes and complexities.

Sustainability is a key motivation of iTraffic, forming an intrinsic part of all our projects. Every project strategy is developed paying special attention to the way that we can benefit the community, as well as provide them with the skills and guidance that enables them to continue carrying on the iTraffic legacy.

Our unique and innovative combination of experience, drive, expertise and dedication enables us to meet and overcome the challenges of every project.

Each iTraffic member is well-trained and committed to completing tasks in a way that promotes community growth, builds long-lasting legacies and cements relationships in order to build client trust.

By approaching every project in an ethical and transparent nature, our Clients know that iTraffic is a company to trust.

We are dedicated to delivering a work environment that promotes safe and effective operations.

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