iPocket is a cold asphalt patch for emergency repair of various types of potholes and turtle cracks. This product is Ecologically pure certified product, consists in binder without VOC’s.

Let’s introduce to you, the iPocket

iPocket is emergency asphalt repair material used for portholes
and cracks of asphalt pavements. It contains non-volatile binder
and is manufactured and supplied in pocket form. This product is ready to use. iPocket can be applied anytime without any special equipment in a short time regardless of weather, climate, rain, etc.

Properties of iPocket

• Environmental friendly iPocket (Cold Patch) for emergency repairs in asphalt pavement.

• Application for asphalt pavement damage such as pothole, crack and turtle crack and height difference.

• Easy compaction and early traffic opening construction regardless of asphalt surface conditions, weather, temperature and seasons.

• Long shelf life.

• Repair of pavement damage such as pothole and crack.

• Partial section repair in asphalt pavement road.

• Maintenence around the manhole and pavement different steps.