The CSIR International Convention Centre, is Pretoria’s leading meetings & conference Centre, located at the heart of the City of Tshwane’s most integrated meetings, conventions, and exhibitions hub!

It’s that time of the year again were the most innovative industries meet to network, exchange conversation and showcase their long awaited ideas in this creatively buzzing space! It’s the perfect platform and we’re so glad to have been a part of it.

Months after our first and successfully installed Safety Roller Barrier Pilot Project on the R21 Flying Saucer our work has been complimented by public daily road users. It’s outcomes such as these that make our journey in pursuing a South Africa with safe roads worth it!

The Safety Roller Barriers; a shock absorbing system that converts shock energy to rotational energy which in return slows the vehicle down keeping it in its rightful path and preventing it from colliding with other vehicle. The safety barriers are the first to be used in the country and it’s a technology from South Korea which is being implemented around the world.

When a vehicle drives off the road the barriers decrease the speed impact by redirecting the vehicle back to its lane thereby preventing driver and passenger fatalities.

The barriers also help drivers to be cautions especially when driving at night as the colours of the barriers reflect in the dark alerting the driver of the approaching bend ahead.

The CSIR Conference, truly a lustrous platform allowed us to showcase this incredible innovation!

After such an inspiring and effective day at the CSIR Conference, we were pleased and honoured to find out that we’ll be taking the “Best Booth Award” home! What a pleasant reminder to continue this great work. 🏆

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